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Feb 2014 -

Spring Forward - Tax Return Season

Heading in to our busiest months of the year, tax return time and springtime coming! Please try to call in advance for non-critical jobs to ensure we have the parts you need in stock :) We always keep the most popular Flowmaster, MagnaFlow, and stock mufflers on hand, as well as common catalytic converter, piping, tips, and more...however calling in advance if possible helps to minimize wait times overall.

The Old and The New

Additional Services: (NEW) Auto glass and windshields - repair and replacement done by appointment in house or on site at competitive prices! (NEW) Truck Accessories: From running boards to brush guards and bumpers! Of course we still offer other welding and metal cutting services, as well as other minor automotive accessories and repair.

Special of the Month

If we are running any advertised specials, they will be listed here... right under Pro Exhaust news which we also hope you read!

What do you need for your vehicle?

At Pro Exhaust, we're not just the best custom exhaust shop in the area, we also sell and/or install commonly needed components for your vehicle such as mufflers, catalytic converters, exhaust kits, cat backs, turbo backs, duals, stainless steel tips, exhaust cut outs, flex pipes, gaskets, programmers and tuners, cold air intakes, headers, manifolds, and brakes & shocks. Brands we commonly sell are Flowmaster, Magnaflow, IMCO, Cherry Bomb, Corsa, K&N, Davico, ROL, Flo Pro, Hypertech, Superchips, Walker, Dorman, and Dynomax.

Can't pass state inspection due to exhaust or emissions related issues? Come see us for a free estimate and knowledgable advice. There are many reasons your vehicle could fail a state inspection due to exhaust related issues, some common ones are exhaust leaks, holes or cracks in exhaust pipes or other exhaust components, faulty catalytic converter, faulty O2 sensor, improper exhaust components, missing exhaust components, and exhaust exit in improper location.




Brand Name Products

We recommend and sell quality brand name products from the top-of-the-line major exhaust components down to the small nuts and bolts, and even the wire and gasses we use in our welder! Our suppliers serve up most big brands and great quality economical brands as well.

Here are some of the brands we sell regularly. For the full line sheet click this link

Cherry Bomb Corsa Davico Dorman Dynomax Flo Pro Flowmaster Hypertech IMCO K&N Magnaflow ROL Superchips Walker